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– Official language: English
– A Certificate of Attendance from our institution -Hospital Teknon- will be awarded to the fellow upon the end of the program.



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Dr. José María Guilemany (ENT)
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Dr. Federico De La Roca (Allergist)
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Dr. Alejandra Aristimuño (ENT)

Teknon Hospital is committed to providing an excellent service. To ensure that this is the case the centre implements a strict culture of quality management, following strict controls that have been approved by the prestigious US-based Joint Commission International, and has obtained credentials as the accreditation of inpatient acute care centers of the Generalitat of Catalonia (based on the excellence model of the EFQM European Foundation for Quality Management), among other quality indicators.

Teknon Hospital is one of the few Spanish institutions to boast both types of accreditations, thanks to its quality management culture aimed at providing the best possible patient treatment and satisfaction, with maximum peace of mind.

Our department of Rhinology, Sinus Surgery and Allergy “Alergo Rino Unit / ARU” is at the forefront of treating the full range of nasal and sinus disease, ranging from severe nosebleeds, allergic diseases, chronic rhinosinusitis and aesthetic surgery to advanced sinus cancers.


The Fellowship in Rhinology and Allergy offers a great opportunity to benefit from world class clinical research and educational opportunities, to enable you to develop your rhinology/allergy practice, in the heart of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. The fellowship (12 months) is aimed at those doctors who wish to learn more about the diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide range of sinonasal and allergic conditions. It will update you on the latest clinical practice and provide ‘hands on sessions’ in clinics and in our theatre.

ARU focus on maximizing the medical and surgical management of hard-to-treat sinonasal pathologies. For cases that require surgery, we use minimally invasive techniques to effectively treat sinus disease, while minimizing recovery time. Screening of allergic and non-allergic rhinitis, asthma and other comorbidies is available in our unit to work up unified single “United Airway” strategy.

The surgical experience during this year focuses on endoscopic sinus surgery including, nasal airway surgery, and advanced endoscopic and frontal sinus surgery, CSF leak repair, endoscopic sinonasal tumor resections, aesthetic surgery and septal perforation repair. This fellowship program is designed to prepare an individual for an academic career in rhinology and allergy.

The Fellowship will be a one-to-one experience, including full exposure to a complete spectrum of primary and revision rhinoplasty. This will include contemporary innovations in the field, such as new anatomy concepts, Preservation and Structural Rhinoplasty, use of rib grafting techniques, and ultrasonic rhinoplasty. Blepharoplasty, mentoplasty and otoplasty are also additional surgeries.

Smell Clinic is an important aspect in ARU. Many studies, courses and workshops are currently developing on sense of smell and upper airway diseases such as COVID and other conditions.

While the weekly schedule may fluctuate depending on the clinical opportunities available, in general the fellow will spend 2 days in the operating room and 1-2 days in the clinic. In addition, there will be one day a week of protected time for research/paper writing or lab dissection experience.

Cadaver courses on basic sinus surgery, skull base surgery, and septal perforation will be available during the fellowship in collaboration with Barcelona University. The fellowship is encouraged to join at least 3 courses during his training (12 months). Courses and workshops on respiratory tract and sense of smell are also available.

The fellow works intimately with Allergy-Immunology faculties in the clinical care of complex CRS patients. The Fellowship provides a diverse and comprehensive clinical and didactic training experience in all aspects of allergy and immunology included allergic diseases, asthma, congenital and acquired immunodeficiency. Our fellows further become expert in the diagnostic techniques and procedures for allergen skin testing, allergen immunotherapy, drug allergy and pulmonary function tests. Rhinomanometry, spirometry and smell tests are also available in ARU.

We are actively investigating many rhinological/allergical fields to improve results for our patients. The fellow will be expected to play an important role on our research team. The rhinology fellow is encouraged to participate in basic science, translational, or clinical research projects available. Clinical research is expected and mentored to allow the fellow to formulate independent research study. The availability of several prospective clinical databases allows for diversity of research projects. The fellow is also expected to produce a published review paper or book chapter. Instruction in clinical trial design and participation is facilitated by ongoing multi-institutional clinical trials. There is a research manager dedicated to rhinology and allergy that helps facilitate research productivity during the year.

1. To provide structured training in the medical and surgical management of rhinologic and allergic conditions and upper airway allergies:
– Detail diagnosis of upper and lower respiratory diseases.
– Complete immunological study for allergic conditions
– Medical treatment for primary and revision cases of chronic rhinosinusitis with and without nasal polyposis.
– Innovative surgical techniques for sinonasal pathologies.
– Septoplasty and turbinal surgery.
– Dacriocystorhinostomy.
– Benign and malignant tumors.
– Skull base reconstruction.
– Septal perforation repair.
– Primary and revision rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, mentoplasty and otoplasty.
2. To offer mentored surgical and office-based rhinology/allergy experience, didactic sessions, rhinology teaching opportunities, independent fellow clinic and surgical practices.
3. To foster independence in managing rhinologic and allergic patients medically and surgically.
4. Opportunity to participate in clinical trial, research projects and writing scientific papers.

1. Completed training stay request (letter certifying your data and the objectives you hope to achieve in our hospital) – Attached doc
2. Letter of accreditation from the center of origin (if necessary, an agreement between both institutions would be formalized)
3. Medical degree + Specialist degree
4. Medical Council Registration (if applicable)
5. Civil and Accident nsurance. If they are foreigners, said insurance must have been processed internationally (through the web www.broker88.es)
6. Passport copy
7. Fees are required
8. Please send all paperwork to dr.alobid@alergorino.com
August 31, 2022
January 2d, 2023